How to Protect Your Voice & Health

About How to Protect Your Voice & Health

Do you use your voice daily? Most people do! 
What if you couldn't use your voice? 
Your life would most likely be VERY different, right?

This "How to Protect Your Voice & Health" 2-session class will help anybody who needs to use their voice to communicate, perform, and work. 

Learn to improve your vocal projection, resonance, clarity, stamina, diction, technique, and overall vocal health, as well as reduce sick days, and address the challenges of working when sick.

This fun, engaging, and informative vocal health workshop has been developed for over a decade, and has been sponsored by the Tennessee Association of Professional Interpreters and Translators (TAPIT) and hosted by the Tennessee Learning Center (TLC).

6 Common Vocal Health Issues

  1. COVID-19

  2. Colds / Flu

  3. Allergies

  4. Laryngitis  

  5. Vocal nodules aka vocal nodes

  6. Vocal polyps


"I loved it!"
- Ji-Myoung Park - English Teacher

"It was a pleasure for me to witness Karen present a thorough, but concise blueprint for maintaining vocal health. This webinar is of great benefit for experienced and beginner, vocalists and speakers."
- Bruce A. Henry - Jazz Vocalist/Voice Coach –

"Karen Lyu knows her stuff cold when it comes to vocal health. Read it and heed it and watch your vocal health go through the roof."
- Colleen Kitchen - Singer/Songwriter –

"Thank you, Karen! It was really helpful!"
- Dr. Adepero Mettabel Okulaja, MD & CEO –

"The workshop was very good. I enjoyed it."
- David Morales - President of Tennessee Association of Professional Interpreters and Translators –

How It Works

Students can connect to the online platform using a tablet or computer with reliable internet. To actively participate online students also need a webcam with microphone. The live sessions are recorded so that all enrolled students can review the class sessions following the live class. Class recordings will be available for viewing within 48 hours of the live class. The class is covered by the Lessonface Guarantee


Teens and Adults



The class will meet for two 60-min live online sessions on the following schedule:

Thursdays, 9 pm EDT | 6 pm PDT

• September 24
• October 1

Enrolled students receive lifetime access to the video recordings of the classes.

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    Karen Lyu is a sought after holistic voice expert and an award-winning jazz vocalist/songwriter/actor. She has been fortunate to travel and perform in the US, South Korea, Europe, Southeast Asia, Central America, and Brazil. She is internationally respected for her viral voice coaching videos on She has taught absolute beginners to professional singers, speakers and actors ages 8-80 since 1997. Her fun, compassionate, concise and results-focused voice trainings have been offered in the US and in South Korea at venues such as West Bank School of Music, Korea Improv Theater, Tennessee Language Center, Earth Mother Mind Jam, Doosan Corporation and online. As an entertainer, she is a unique and animated jazz singer/songwriter who loves to create unforgettable performances with playful exploration and authentic power.

    – Visit Karen Lyu's profile on Lessonface.

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