Music Practice Personal Training with Ami Sarasvati

Learn to make your music practice time and music lessons productive and rewarding every time.

One-on-one training for any music student, regardless of level or instrument. This is ideal for beginning students of any musical discipline or those who have been playing instruments for a while but feel like they are in a rut.

Learn the building blocks of your ideal music effectuation. Focus areas of this individualized training include:

  • • How to set up undivided focus conditions
  • • The tools of the trade — metronomes, practice journals, and beyond
  • • How to break down and segment your individualized music practice
  • • Create a balanced music practice
  • • Breathe to relax your body and focus your mind using a Musical Mantra
  • • Technique - embrace your inner musical geek
  • • Muscle memory technique for musical mastery
  • • Pre-Game! How to have better music lessons with your teacher or on recorded courses


Musician's Practice Journal templates and recorded meditations.

This one-on-one service is available as a one-time personal training session, or as an ongoing service to optimize your music lessons with your teacher or on recorded courses. This service is not music lessons. It is a method of structuring your music practice for outstanding and rewarding results.

One of the main benefits of working together one-on-one is to get a clear picture of how segmenting works. Segmenting is a process that evolves as you evolve as a musician. Setting up segments takes thought and logic. Together, in a private personal training session, we take a look at your instrument(s), the elements of what it takes to progress in different specific areas and create a plan. For example, if you are learning guitar, a few of the main segments we would define for practice elements would be:

  • • Rhythm
  • • Technique
  • • Songs
  • • Scales
  • • Chords

Many segments need to be chunked down even further.

Then you may have a big segment area such as chords. Chords are such a vast topic for guitar players that it can be divided into smaller segments such as:

  • • Chord shapes
  • • Chord transitions
  • • Chord progressions

From there we create a structure for your practice, taking into consideration your schedule, your lifestyle, and your goals. Get started today by setting up a time to craft a plan for yourself!

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Ami Sarasvati

Ami Sarasvati

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