Playing Flute from the Inside Out Part 2

About Playing Flute from the Inside Out Part 2

Are you ready to take a deeper dive into your anatomy and movement to discover how to play with more skill, confidence, and ease to improve your breathing, tone, and technical facility? Are you looking for new tools in your teaching to help your students succeed? In Playing Flute from the Inside Out Part 2, we will explore together how your body moves and what specifically is important for playing flute. The class will focus on what contributes to attaining more mastery for improving your embouchure, breathing, musical expression, resonance, finger dexterity, and overall ease in performance.

In Playing Flute from the Inside Out Part 2 you will continue to explore your anatomy in an interactive, movement-oriented way to make more discoveries and invite new possibilities for change. Join me as we continue this journey of even deeper exploration to discover new and better ways to play flute and feel good in your body!

Each session is tailored to further acquaint you with your body’s anatomy and movement that impacts playing flute.

1. Accessing resonant spaces by exploring the jaw, tongue, and other airways.
2. More on facial muscles, the hyoid bone, oral cavity, and nasal cavity.
3. Ribs, spine, and muscular movement and connections in breathing.
4. Pelvic floor, abdominal muscles, organ movement and bony structures below the diaphragm for breathing and support.
5. Movement and fascial releases to support flexible joints and muscles in playing.
6. Putting it all together for playing the flute.

Ruth Kasckow, flutist is a licensed Body Mapping Educator and a Franklin Method Educator Level 3. This class is informed by the principles of the Franklin Method, Body Mapping for Musicians, and studies with Keith Underwood, as well as Ruth’s extensive personal study and experience as a flutist, teacher, and music wellness advocate.

The capacity for this class is 15 students.

Class Goals

  • 1. Explore your anatomy to be able to perceive your anatomy in your body.
  • 2. Learn about proprioception and ways to increase your awareness.
  • 3. Discover how to engage with your whole body playing flute.
  • 4. Understand how function improves performance.
  • 5. Improve your body alignment for better breathing.
  • 6. Release tension and increase your well-being.

Age Range


Skill Level

Amateur through advanced (professional)

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The class will meet for six weekly 55-min live online sessions on Wednesdays at 12 pm ET | 9 am PT | 16:00 UTC on the schedule below. The first session is on April 10.

Enrolled students receive lifetime access to the video recordings of the classes.

12:00 PM - 12:55 PM EDT
Playing Flute from the Inside Out Part 2
Ruth Kasckow

How It Works

Enroll above to save your spot in the class. Lessonface will send you a confirmation right away, and a Zoom link 24 hours before each session's start time. You can log into your Lessonface dashboard to access class materials, communicate with your instructor, join the live Zoom session, and access the class recordings and chat transcript afterward. Contact us with any questions. This class, and all lessons and classes on Lessonface, are covered by the Lessonface Guarantee.

Students Say

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Verified Student on March 26, 2024
Class: Playing Flute from the Inside Out Part 1


Marta R. on March 24, 2024
Class: Playing Flute from the Inside Out Part 1

I enjoyed this class and learned a lot. Ruth is an excellent teacher. Thank you, Ruth.

Dennis on March 23, 2024
Class: Playing Flute from the Inside Out Part 1

Great class for learning numerous anatomical features that influence, and can be used to improve, flute performance.

susan G. on March 20, 2024
Class: Playing Flute from the Inside Out Part 1

First class, very professional, extremely informative

Christine P. on March 20, 2024
Class: Playing Flute from the Inside Out Part 1

This class was awesome! Overall, it added to my developing a felt sense of my body and specifically recognizing opportunities for moving quiet muscles in my face. The notes and supporting materials posted in Lessonface added to my understanding of the material.

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Ruth Kasckow

Ruth Kasckow

Sign up for Playing Flute from the Inside Out! Ruth's 6 week class starts on April 27 at 12 noon EST. Find out how to improve your flute playing! Flutist Ruth Kasckow is a frequent performer in orchestras, chamber music ensembles, and solo recitals throughout Southern California.

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