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Have you ever experienced what it's like to work diligently on the same piece of music for several weeks / months but never seem to be comfortable playing through it, like you are always holding on for dear life trying to make it to the end?

While there may be many reasons for this, physical or mental, the most common roadblock to playing your favorite pieces effortlessly has to do with your ability to recognize harmonic and motivic patterns within the key you are playing, and being so comfortable in that key that you don't have to think about the details. When you truly know a piece inside and out, the performance becomes automatic and your mind is free to focus solely on more expressive concepts, both small and large.

Improvisation is a great way to understand what a particular key feels like under your hands, and it's an important and often overlooked step to being more comfortable at the piano after learning scales & arpeggios.

After improvising in one key for long enough, all future repertoire you play in that key, no matter how physically demanding, will feel considerably more natural!

Improving your improvisational skills is also vital if you are interested in exploring composition!

This class is limited to 40 students.

Class Goals

  • Goal 1: Discover which keys you are most comfortable with and play most naturally.
  • Goal 2: Develop a repertoire of accompaniment patterns for the left hand while improvising with the right hand.
  • Goal 3: Practice improvising with the call & response technique.
  • Goal 4: Improvise with both hands at the same time.
  • Goal 5: Build a harmonic repertoire that best suits your musical tastes.
  • Goal 6: Constant vs Variables: Improvisation exercise. While improvising, one detail must remain the same throughout. Explore the concept of an underlying foundation.
  • Goal 7: Learn how to grow the smallest idea into a substantial work with the concept of Theme and Variation.
  • Goal 8: Develop your improvisation so that it's indisinguishable from a well thought out composition.

Age Range

All Ages

Skill Level

All Levels

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Single 45-min session on Tuesday, July 7, at 3 pm ET | 1 pm PT | 19:00 UTC.

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3:00 PM - 3:45 PM EDT
Start Improvising!
Jim Funnell

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Jim Funnell

Jim Funnell

Anglo-French pianist and composer Jim Funnell started leading his own band in his early teens, performing at jazz clubs by the time he was in high school. Dedicating himself to the study of both classical and jazz piano, he was awarded a full tuition scholarship from Berklee College of Music, where he was exposed to a diversity of styles and cultures.

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