Language Teacher Qualifications

Are you passionate about language, culture, and teaching? Lessonface is looking for great teachers who have at least two years’ experience in professional language teaching. 

To complete your Lessonface profile, you must upload the following documents/links:

  1. A PDF of your CV or resume.
  2. PDFs of your credentials demonstrating at least two years’ professional teaching experience as well as expertise and/or education. (See below for further info and examples of acceptable documents and certificates.)

The three Es

You must provide documentation that demonstrates experience as well as expertise or education:

Education = you’ve got a teaching license, teaching certification, or a university degree related to the language(s) you wish to teach (e.g., a degree in World Language Education, Education, Literature, Linguistics, Languages, Translation, Interpretation.)  

Experience = You’ve got professional experience teaching the language you are applying to teach on Lessonface. Please note that tutoring independently does not count as professional experience.

Expertise = You’re an advanced, superior, or native speaker of the language you wish to speak.

For example, if you are an American who has studied Spanish, earned a Spanish teaching certification and have been teaching Spanish at a high school for the past three years, that would mean you have all three Es.
If you are a native speaker of Italian and you have two years’ experience teaching and tutoring in a language school/institution, that would mean you have all two of the three Es (Experience and Expertise.)

If you are a college student taking Chinese courses and have been tutoring Chinese to fellow classmates, this would not count for any of the 3 Es.

Uploading credentials

On the teacher application page, please upload a copy of your relevant degrees, certifications/certificates, proof of training, experience, or expertise. Make sure your name and other identifying information is clearly visible on each document. These won’t be visible on your profile-- they’re only used for internal review at Lessonface. We review each profile application personally after applicants upload documentation that satisfy the Experience component and one other component-- the Education or Expertise component-- for the language(s) they wish to teach. Exceptions may be made in extraordinary cases and will be decided on a case by case basis.

Examples of acceptable documents and certificates:

  • Language teaching certification from an accredited institution
  • Education (but not necessarily experience unless one has student teaching experience): University or higher education degree in Education
  • Teaching license
  • Proof of employment at language school or teaching institution (e.g., a reference letter from your supervisor or director at a language school or other teaching institution; a work contract showing your employment as a professional teacher.)
  • Linguistics, Languages, Literature, Translation, Interpretation, Foreign Language Degrees must include teaching component/experience as part of degree or as additional experience.

Please note that all documents must be signed, dated, and have clear contact information. If you are uploading a work contract or reference letter, please be sure they include brief position responsibilities.

Other certifications, honors, awards, recognitions, and unaccredited coursework

If you have been recognized for your teaching in the form of an honor or award (congrats!), or have demonstrated interested in continuing your professional development by taking courses from unaccredited institutions (e.g., Udemy, Coursera, or other online or in person trainings and workshops), you may include them in your profile but they will not be acceptable as standalone documents for a Lessonface teaching profile.

Language degree or proficiency certificate

While a language degree and/or proficiency certificate are important for showing your abilities in that language, they do not show your ability to teach the language. We recommend adding this to your teacher profile for students to see, especially if you are a nonnative speaker of the language you wish to teach.

  • IELTS, TOEFL, etc. (English proficiency exams)
  • HSK (Chinese proficiency exam)
  • DALF, DELF, etc. (French proficiency exams)
  • ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview Rating Certificate


If you have questions or concerns regarding your application, please email
We review every application personally and will follow up with an email after making a decision on your application.

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