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Lessonface for Schools and Organizations

Lessonface is a great option for bringing great music lessons and classes to your school or organization without the need for travel. 

Lessonface provides complete semester or year-long music programs or one-time events, including:

  • One-on-one lessons in a very broad set of instruments and topics, with great, highly qualified teachers
  • Group classes with instructors and experts at the top of their fields in specialized and kid friendly topics, from beatboxing to ukulele
  • Cultural experiences with musical experts all over the world - introduce students to bagpipes via an instructor in Scotland, tabla from a teacher in New Delhi, blues from a teacher in Memphis
  • Interactive sessions with successful pop performers to inspire and motivate young aspiring musicians

Lessonface is fully COPPA compliant and designed for safe and fun use for all ages.
no school bus required with lessonface
No school bus necessary with Lessonface

Contact Claire Cunningham at cc@lessonface.com to assemble a great music program that fits your needs.