Teacher Qualifications

Lessonface connects students with great teachers for live learning online. Teacher qualifications vary by subject, and fitting basic qualifications does not guarantee approval. We also look for profiles that are submitted in a format ready for a student or parent to view: thoughtful, complete, compelling.

Music and Arts Teacher Qualifications:

  • Teachers must have at least 2 years teaching experience, 5 years of professional experience in the topic they'll be teaching, or be an extraordinary exception.

Language Teacher Qualifications:

If you believe you are a good fit, we encourage you to take the next steps in the application process by creating a Lessonface profile. In order for your profile to be considered by our team, your profile needs to be student-ready.

What does it mean for a profile to be student-ready?

  • Our teacher qualifications must be met or exceeded. 
  • You must list 3 or more details with specifics that prove your qualifications as a teacher, and these must be student facing. (Listed on your teacher page in the About or Credentials sections.)
  • You’ve written your profile with enough information in paragraph form to be compelling to students. 
  • You’ve uploaded a clear, professional photo of yourself.
  • Your profile is written in English.

Specific details accepted include information such as what university or universities you went to, places you’ve taught, productions you've been in, venues you’ve played, or other supporting information that solidifies your credentials and experience as meeting our teacher qualifications.

Once your profile is student-ready, we look forward to receiving your teacher application.

Check out more information about teaching on Lessonface or if you're ready to get started:

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