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Play By Ear Course Overview

Lorinda Jones, Instructor

Myth: “You have to be born with the ability to play by ear.”

Myth Buster: How many times have you heard that? I heard it many times but I finally accepted the truth. Some people may have extraordinary hearing and grew up in an environment that fostered playing by ear, but for most of us “normal humans,” playing by ear isn’t something you have or don’t have, it’s something you learn!

I learned to play the dulcimer in the same way I learned to play all the other instruments that I owned: I bought a book and read the music! That method worked to teach me a lot about the instrument, gave me the tools needed to reproduce the music that was written down, and play basic accompanying chords for singing. It was also helpful in transferring the classical music and hymns that I was most familiar with to the the dulcimer. But the mistake I made was relying on that written music as I began to learn the old time music repertoire and become a part of the jam sessions. I struggled for years trying to figure out why someone with advanced musical training did not feel successful in learning tunes by ear in a jam session.

If you want to be free of tab and learn to trust your ear and memory skills and begin “playing by heart” then this course is for you. I have made this journey myself, so I know what you need to “break the habit”. I have been a music educator all my life, worked with all ages and all abilities and most importantly on this topic, have made this journey myself and know what you need to succeed.

I’m teaching this because I love that I made this discovery and I want you to learn what I learned in a supportive environment that will prepare you for your dulcimer journey!

Play By Ear Course Descriptions

Each course is a total of four lessons, sixteen if you sign up for all four courses!

If you have never played by ear, then you should start at the beginning, but if you already play some by ear but want to improve your skills and learn new tunes, you can jump in at any course along the way. Just be aware that each course will present progressively more involved tunes and take more skills to learn.

*Note: Playing by ear takes some time to develop. You will not develop this skill in one lesson! You need to be patient and give yourself time to understand the process. This course will guide and support you along this journey in a safe community of sharing and caring.

For each lesson you will receive:

• Audio recording of the tune

• Link to Video recording of the tune with step by step instruction

• Background information about the tunes

• Standard notation of the tune AFTER course is completed

• Online jam opportunities to try out your new skills and tunes/songs

Upcoming Courses with Lorinda Jones

Conquering The Jam, Level 2

As you start to feel more confident, our tunes will move into more keys and more challenging rhythms. We will continue the key of D and add G and A and you will start to pick out more songs by ear, lead songs in jam sessions and play more of your previously learned tunes by mem

Starts Wednesday, March 22 - Learn More and Sign Up

Across the Rivers and Ponds

This is a new course that offers some regional flavor of tunes. We will learn some great tunes from Kentucky fiddle players and start to look at other American roots music such as dance tunes from Scotland and Ireland. This session will guide you into finding your own niche and passion...

Starts Wednesday, May 3 - Learn More and Sign Up

This is my fourth class with Lorinda Jones. She is excellent. She is Professional, very well prepared, and provided a mountain of material for the students. Feedback is individual, and she seems genuinely interested in her students. Three Cheers!!

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I always enjoy Lorinda Jones’ classes; she is well prepared, offers interesting musical pieces, “injects” additional music theory items into her program, and is very good humored as well!

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