How to Sing Falsetto

About How to Sing Falsetto

Are you looking to expand the higher range of your voice? Falsetto gives a singer additional range, but for many it can be tough to access, especially if you’ve primarily been singing in chest voice. This free downloadable PDF guide vocalists through a series exercises designed to help train your skills in this upper register.


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Students Say

Natali on July 14, 2023
Class: How to Sing Falsetto

I really enjoyed it, very useful resource.

L. G. on July 13, 2023
Class: How to Sing Falsetto

Ms. Sitz is an outstanding teacher. Her patience while guiding “non-professional” hobbyists such as myself, demonstrates just how effective she can be at getting the best out of a student. I keep all of her lesson printouts in a handy notebook for ease of reference as I continue my singing “adventures”! Kudos to this wonderful singing partner😎

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Sonnie Sitz

Sonnie Sitz

Sonnie graduated from the University of Pretoria with a Bachelor degree of Music, specializing in music education, music therapy and singing. She received this degree with distinction and academic honors in 2015. In the same year she started her Master’s of Musicology degree and received a bursary to study music education in Finland for six months.

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