Incredible Ice Dye

About Incredible Ice Dye

Explore an incredibly easy and effective way to use fiber reactive dyes that result in gorgeous pieces–you won't believe what the ice can do! Even the simplest patterns are captivating in ice dyeing. Results are ephemeral, reminiscent of watercolors on cloth. We will discuss fabric prep, dye powders, activation with soda ash and when to do it, patterns, setups for in-the-muck dyeing and on-the-rack dyeing, curing/washout, and more.

This class has a kit that has been expertly prepared, but if you already have fiber reactive dyes and soda ash powder, no kit purchase is necessary. You may also watch the class without participating, and so no kit is required to just watch and learn.

This class is limited to 50 students.

Class Materials Needed

For folks participating along with me during the class:
• Something to dye, be it a garment or piece of fabric, made from cellulosic fibers and pre-washed
• Fiber reactive dye powders (comes in kit)
• Soda ash powder (comes in kit)
• Gloves (comes in kit)
• Rubberbands, string, or sinew (comes in kit)
• Small spoon (comes in kit)
• A closed-bottom wide container like a shoebox or portfolio-sized plastic storage container, with lid
• A surface on which you can use powdered dyes (plastic folding table, or table with plastic sheeting)
• Blue Dawn or other dishwashing liquid for washout

WAXON Ice Dye Kits include: fiber reactive dye powders, pre-mixed with soda ash powder; disposable gloves, rubber bands, small scoop for sprinkling, kit instructions, and washout instructions. Kits are available at


If you are dyeing something along with me in class, please pre-wash it warm or hot with Blue Dawn or another detergent good for scouring. Dry with no fabric softeners or dryer sheets. I will email class participants a link to good containers for ice dyeing.

Age Range

Teens and Adults

Skill Level

Open to all levels - No experience necessary

Contact the Teacher

Send a direct message from the teacher's profile page with any questions you might have about the class.

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Single 3-hour session on Sunday, June 9, at 2 pm ET | 11 am PT | 18:00 UTC.

Enrolled students receive 30-day access to the video recording of the class.

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT
Incredible Ice Dye
Jessica Kaufman

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Jessica Kaufman

Jessica Kaufman

Jessica Kaufman is the owner/founder of Asheville's WAXON Batik & Dye Studio. With a genuine love of teaching (and a Masters in Crafts Education!) she leads classes on ice dyeing, tie-dye, batik, and Shibori virtually and all over the East coast.

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MAFA - The MidAtlantic Fiber Association

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