Learn to Weave on a Rigid Heddle Loom and Make a Tote Bag

About Learn to Weave on a Rigid Heddle Loom and Make a Tote Bag

Build your skills as you weave this good-looking and useful market tote. If you’re just learning weaving basics on your rigid heddle loom or want to strengthen your basic skills, join us for a fun and productive class! During the first session, we will warp the loom and begin weaving. After class, you’ll finish weaving, then you will re-warp the loom (which will reinforce the process for you) and weave a second length of cloth. In the second session, we will hand stitch the bag together and discuss any questions you have about the process. Come join the fun! Learn to weave and make a useful, beautiful tote bag.

The capacity for this class is 25 students.

Class Materials

• Rigid heddle loom with at least 10” weaving width and 10 dpi reed
• Measuring tape
• 12” x 1.5” piece of light colored cardboard or manila file folder
• About 10-15 yards of waste yarn (worsted weight acrylic works best)
• Tapestry needle, scissors, straight pins, sewing needle, and sewing thread to match your yarn
• Cardboard tube from inside a paper towel roll
• 2 brown paper grocery bags
• Shuttle
• Warping peg
• Clamps
• Threading/sley hook
• 2 rubber bands
• 600 yards dk/sock weight yarn (can be 300 yards each of 2 different colors).
• Access to a sewing machine is helpful but not absolutely necessary.

Pre-class Homework

Students should print the handout and have all yarn wound into balls prior to class.

Age Range

Teens and Adults

Skill Level

Open to all levels - No experience necessary

Contact the Teacher

Send a direct message from the teacher's profile page with any questions you might have about the class.

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The class will meet for two weekly 2-hour live online sessions on Thursdays at 7 pm ET on the schedule below. The first session is on September 12.

Enrolled students receive 30-day access to the video recordings of the classes.

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM EDT
Learn to Weave on a Rigid Heddle Loom and Make a Tote Bag
Deborah Jarchow
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM EDT
Learn to Weave on a Rigid Heddle Loom and Make a Tote Bag
Deborah Jarchow

How It Works

Enroll above to save your spot in the class. Lessonface will send you a confirmation right away, and a Zoom link 24 hours before each session's start time. You can log into your Lessonface dashboard to access class materials, communicate with your instructor, join the live Zoom session, and access the class recordings and chat transcript afterward. Contact us with any questions. This class, and all lessons and classes on Lessonface, are covered by the Lessonface Guarantee.

Deborah Jarchow

Deborah Jarchow

Deborah Jarchow is a full-time weaver, author, designer, and artist who has exhibited at galleries and museums across the country winning numerous awards. She travels from her Arizona home sharing weaving enthusiasm and expertise. As a nationally recognized teacher, Deborah is known as a generous educator who makes weaving accessible and exciting to students of all levels.

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MAFA - The MidAtlantic Fiber Association

The MidAtlantic Fiber Association (MAFA) represents and supports a community of fiber arts guilds in the greater Mid-Atlantic region.

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