Barthold Kuijken Master Class & Salon

Welcome to the Barthold Kuijken Master Class & Salon. This live-attendance only class will occur Saturday March 11, from 2-5 pm for those who will attend in person, and from 2:10-4:10 for the online live class.

The class is held in a private residence across the street from Carnegie Hall, on 7th Avenue in Manhattan -- a beautiful setting with this renowned performer and educator just prior to the start of the 2017 Flute Fair! Wine and cheese will be served and are included in the In-Person Auditor fee. This class is being produced by MasterclassesNYC.com.

In-person Auditors: The live salon occurs in a beautiful Broadway mid-town home opposite Carnegie Hall. Wine and cheese will be served.
Online Auditors: You will be able to log in and experience the class with this renowned performer and educator live. 
Class Performers: Are high level NYC-area flutists. The performer seats are reserved. If you wish to be considered for a waiting list please write to jess@lessonface.com and let us know.

This class will be taught from a private residence in midtown Manhattan to an in-studio and live online audience. Students are able to attend by physically coming into the salon OR by joining over the Lessonface high performing video conference platform.



Choose whether you will attend in-person or online from the options above. Enrollment is limited so reserve your seat soon.

The live Master Class and Salon happens Saturday, March 11, from 2-5 pm ET. 

The class is open to flute students of all levels.