Basic Music Theory: Turnkey Elements

About Basic Music Theory: Turnkey Elements

My name is Elijah and this is my group class called "Basic Music Theory: Turnkey Elements". First of all, the idea isn’t to give you some scientific data, it's to give you an understanding of music using simple words. It's an alphabet of the music language. "Basic" doesn't mean "low level." Think ground, universal, and common. Theory means "system" and it's based on pure practice. We will all be practicing. I'll show you how to build any scale and its chords, and how have fun practicing without drilling memorization. You'll learn how to build any scale from scratch again even if you totally forgot the notes. I'll explain where the rhythms come from and why it's so important. These two parts will form the basis for your fast memorizing music skill, improvisation, composing, and even your technique skills. So please enroll in the class, or if you wanna know more about my ideas you're welcome on my Lessonface page. Hope to see you soon!

Class Goals

- Build any scale and its chords
- Play beautiful musical exercises based on any scale and its chords, and as a result, understand each scale and its chords
- Learn simple improvisation skills

Age Range

All Ages

Skill Level

Each class or course will be adapted depending on enrolled students on the eve of each lesson.

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Weekly 45-min sessions on Thursdays, at 4 pm ET | 1 pm PT | 21:00 UTC.
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4:00 PM - 4:45 PM EST
Basic Music Theory: Turnkey Elements
Elijah Bogdanov

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Students Say

Heidi on January 7, 2021

Good class as always, Elijah covers the fundamentals well and always explains how they relate back to the more practical knowledge I have.

Cassandra J. on April 1, 2021

Elijah is an excellent instructor! Very knowledgeable about music theory and great at teaching students how to use it to make music understandable. I am so glad that I found this course because it is so much easier to make music when you understand its underlying patterns. Highly recommended!

Heidi S.
on February 4, 2021

Brilliant session tonight where we covered more complex ways to use rhythms. I didn't realize there were names for taking a repeated series of notes and dropping certain notes out of. Also we talked about accents, including the importance of silence in creating interest.

Cassandra J. on March 25, 2021

Excellent Teacher! I learned so much! Can't wait for the next class!!!

Heidi S.
on January 28, 2021

Fun and good as always. Practicing the major scales and triads in the more complicated keys was a reminder that I still need to practice those. The melody work will be a good jumping off point.

Verified Student on April 15, 2021

Elijah is a very talented multi instrumentalist. Very knowledgeable, patient and giving. His music theory class is a very different approach that certainly helps you understand.

Elizabeth P. on May 20, 2021

Excellent instructor! Will continue music theory 101 with Mr. Bogdanov. Just the right class for my son. He enjoyed the class and learned something new today.
Thank you, Mr. Bogdanov!

Wendinso K. on August 5, 2021

Class was very good. I learned a lot about the fundamental of the music.
How to build scales and chords. The teacher has a very high level of knowledge and have patience to explain music concept.
I will recommend the course for those who want to play piano and grow fast in the piano basics.

Wendinso K. on August 12, 2021

Amazing! We learn how to play the 14 scales with tips (how to memorize them and play them easily) Good Teacher very professional

Wendinso K. on September 2, 2021

The class was very interesting and helpful. We are now learning to play the chords of the scales

Wendinso K. on September 16, 2021

good cession with exercises of how to pay the triad oif the chords

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Elijah Bogdanov

Elijah Bogdanov

Every student is a challenge for me. If it's a good student who has the desire and time to practice along with talent, it challenges me to switch on all the power of his nature and make him shine the shortest way possible. If a student doesn't have time to practice I always work on new exercises that could make a difference right away during a lesson.

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