Early Advanced Worship Piano

Master advanced topics such as 7th chords, fills and color chords, accompaniment patterns, and all 12 key signatures. Learn to improvise for spontaneous moments, play behind a person speaking, and use the Nashville Number System. Most importantly, reflect on worship as our highest calling and discover practical ways that worship is expressed throughout the Scriptures.

Mastering Keys, 7th Chords, and Accompaniment Patterns
Chapter 3
Mastering Key Signatures & New Keys
Chapter 4
Mastering Chord Inversions
Chapter 5
Introduction to Scales
Chapter 6
Seventh Chords
Chapter 7
Introductions, Endings, and Interludes
Chapter 8
Left Hand Accompaniment Patterns
Chapter 9
Right Hand Accompaniment Patterns
Improvising & the Nashville Number System
Chapter 10
The Expressions of Worship
Chapter 11
Introduction to Improvising
Chapter 12
Improvising in Worship
Chapter 13
Fills & Color Chords
Chapter 14
Playing Behind a Speaker
Chapter 16
Using the Nashville Number System
Makayla Stevenson

Makayla Stevenson

Would you like to learn worship or classical piano? I am a classically-trained pianist with a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Maranatha Baptist University in Watertown, WI. I am also a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music in Piano through MTNA. I have been teaching piano since 2017, when I taught for 3 years at Maranatha Music Prep School in Watertown, WI.

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