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The Embodied Voice

The Embodied Voice

Our voice has the ability to gather and reflect great nuance and subtlety. In addition to providing a clear, embodied approach to freeing the voice, this class will explore the vast array of un-tapped vocal colors available to us when we explore the connection between emotion, breath and sound.
Topics covered (taught through a combination of lecture and exercises w/live student(s):

  • The free voice: introduction to vocal alignment through the Systems of Breath, Articulation (vowel placement) & Resonance (directing the breath)
  • Understanding the voice holistically: integrating/coordinating breath, body & voice
  • Posture and body alignment: the body as the resonating cavity of the voice
  • Opening the resonators and clarifying tone; vocal energy and projection
  • Expanding our vocal pallet and sound imagination
  • Connecting emotion to vocal color: opening the pathways to primal, deeply felt, human sounds


Bisan Toron is an internationally acclaimed vocal artist and voice teacher.  She studied classical voice performance at NYU and holds a masters in Ethnomusicology from the University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies. She did further studies in voice and improvisation with the Roy Hart-based company, Pantheatre in Paris, France. Her music is informed by a multitude of cultures and vocal traditions, which she threads with vocal articulations that arise from the moment. 


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This course was recorded May 2018 at the Lessonface studio in the West Village, NYC.
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