Guitar Basics

This course is designed to help beginners to understand the very first steps of playing guitar.

Guitar 101
Chapter 3
Coordination Exercise
Chapter 4
Whole Step and Half Step Theory
Chapter 5
Major Chords
Chapter 6
Finger Picking
Chapter 7
Flats and Sharps Theory
Chapter 9
Major Chords
Chapter 10
Minor Chords
Chapter 11
Coordination Exercise
Chapter 12
Metronome Exercise
Chapter 13
Power Chords
Chapter 14
Barre Chords
Chapter 15
Minor Barre Chords
Rod Ferreira

Rod Ferreira

Guitarist, composer and producer Rod Ferreira has performed across the USA sharing the stage with lots of talented musicians. He has recorded several albums and enjoys teaching musicians of all ages and styles. While living in Brazil he earned several diplomas in piano, harmonica, bass, music theory and guitar.

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