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Lessonface Presents: Yoel Genin

Lessonface presents Yoel Genin, a live-streamed event where the musical artist will discuss his sources of inspiration and motivation, and share the approaches to learning and practice that have helped him attain his skills. The events are streamed, recorded, and totally free to watch live or re-watch later. Sign up on this page to send your questions or comments for Genin ahead of time, and to get access to the event recordings.


Electric guitar player, composer and arranger (HAGO, Distorted Harmony), Berklee graduate Yoel Genin is known for blending musical styles such as Jazz, Fusion, Progressive Metal and Middle Eastern music.

Born and raised in Israel, Yoel started his musical endeavors through learning the piano, drums, and then guitar. As a young musician he already conquered the big stages of his home country in various festivals and also performed in Europe. He recorded albums with Progresive Metal band Soul Enema, and Rock band Between Falls.

Yoel’s hunger to expand his knowledge and led him to the famous Berklee College of Music, where he won the Tad Dameron and Alex Ulanowski awards in composition, and studied music towards the challenging and prestigious Bachelor Degree in Jazz Composition.

Since then Yoel has performed and arranged for world-class artists Tigran Hamasyan, Antonio Serrano and Carmen Lundy. As part of the Berklee Indian ensemble, he arranged and performed with some of the biggest Indian artists such as Raghu Dixit, Vijay Parkash and Shankar Mahadevan, in the US and India. Lately Yoel was chosen to join the Prog-Metal band Distorted Harmony, which is touring world-wide and working on their 3rd album.

Yoel has also been a music educator for over 12 years, as he taught guitar and music theory to hundreds of students.

Nowadays Yoel is the official guitarist of Prog-Metal band Distorted Harmony, and leading his own group HAGO -  their debut self titled album has gained a lot of attention and amazing reviews in the Prog-Metal world. He is also performing and recording with various artists worldwide, such as Dashina, ARP and Anakdota, and endorsed by the unique OD guitars.


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Lessonface Presents: Yoel Genin will happen on April 11, from 12-1pm Eastern time.

This interview will take place at the Lessonface Studio to a live online audience. Tune in to watch live at our Youtube channel.

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