Master The Circle Of Fifths

In this course, we will cover all things Circle of Fifths/Fourths. You will answer the questions "What is the circle of fifths?", "What is an interval?", "How do I build the circle of fifths?", and "Why is this information useful to me as a musician?"

By the end of the course, you will have been introduced to the key topics related to the circle of fifths, understand the uses of it, and be able to build the circle of fifths. This is key knowledge for any type of musician, and is extremely useful no matter what level you're at, or what style of music you play.

Chapter 1
What is the Circle of Fifths/Fourths?
Chapter 2
What is an Interval?
Chapter 3
Order of Sharps and Flats
Major Keys
Chapter 5
Let's Build The Circle - Major Keys (Part 2)
Chapter 6
Let's Build The Circle - Major Keys (Part 3)
Chapter 7
Let's Build The Circle - Major Keys (Part 4)
Minor Keys
Chapter 8
Let's Build The Circle - Minor Keys (Part 1)
Chapter 9
Let's Build the Circle - Minor Keys (Part 2)
Why Is This Useful?
Chapter 10
Reading Music and Playing Instruments
Chapter 11
Playing Music With Other People
Enharmonic Keys
Chapter 12
What Are Enharmonic Keys?
Practice, Learn, and Memorize
Chapter 13
How To Make This A Part Of Your Permanent Musical Knowledge
Alani Sugar

Alani Sugar

I am a multi-instrumentalist with a passion for bluegrass and old time music. I love to perform and have had the opportunity to share the stage with many of my hero's. Over my years of learning and playing this music, I have been taught and mentored by many amazing musicians, which has inspired me to want to teach and mentor other musicians.

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