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About Songwriting - From Beginner To Pro

Unlock the songwriter within you and embark on a musical journey spanning genres from rock and metal to K-pop, pop, rap, and hip-hop. In "Songwriting - From Beginner To Pro," you'll dive into the creative process of crafting original songs, regardless of your age or musical background.

We'll start with the basics, exploring the essential elements needed to construct compelling songs. From understanding song structure to dissecting lyrics and melodies, you'll gain a solid foundation to build upon. Discover the typical instruments utilized in each genre and learn how to leverage them to create impactful compositions.

Get hands-on experience with various writing tools and plugins designed to streamline the songwriting process. Learn how to overcome writer's block and unleash your creativity with confidence. Through song analysis and breakdowns of iconic tracks, you'll uncover the secrets behind successful songs and apply these insights to your own compositions.

This interactive class welcomes questions and encourages exploration beyond the scope of songwriting. Whether you're a beginner seeking guidance or a seasoned musician looking to refine your craft, "Songwriting - From Beginner To Pro" offers a supportive environment to nurture your creativity and elevate your songwriting skills.

Class Goals

  • Learn fundamental songwriting techniques, including song structure, lyrics, and melodies.
  • Gain insight into the instruments commonly used in various genres and how to incorporate them effectively into your songs.
  • Explore a range of writing tools and plugins to enhance your songwriting process.
  • Develop strategies to overcome writer's block and reignite your creative spark.
  • Analyze and dissect songs across genres to understand their components and apply those insights to your own compositions.
  • Foster a collaborative and supportive environment where questions are encouraged, and creativity thrives.

Age Range

All Ages

Skill Level

This class is for beginners and intermediate students

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Songwriting - From Beginner To Pro
David Jerkovic

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David Jerkovic

David Jerkovic

An award-winning educated Singer, Guitarist, Bassist, Music Producer, Composer and a Music School Teacher. Growing up in music school set me on a path to gather a bunch of musical skills along the way. I'm not just throwing around a list of instruments—I've dedicated a portion of my life to learning each one.

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