Creative Strings with Christian Howes
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With over 23 years of dedicated experience, Christian Howes stands as a pioneering figure in the realm of violin instruction.

His comprehensive methodology and curriculum are globally recognized as unparalleled in the instruction of bowed string players, particularly in the domains of harmony, improvisation, and diverse musical styles.

Study with Christian Howes

Since the age of five, Christian Howes’ journey into the world of music has been marked by transformation and resilience. At 15, a desire for creative exploration led to joining a rock band, where feelings of inadequacy and inexperience emerged. Over the years, he ventured into diverse musical communities, from rock to jazz, R&B, and beyond. Encountering challenges, he discovered a unique approach to harmony and groove. A passionate educator for the past two decades, Mr. Howes has nurtured musicians of all backgrounds and age groups, leaving an indelible mark on the music world, influencing emerging stars in various genres.

Learn Improvisation, Harmony, and Rhythm

For amateurs, mature students, and elite performers. In these courses, master teacher Christian Howes helps string players gain a clear structure to deepen their foundation of improvisation, harmony, & rhythm in various styles, to collaborate confidently with other musicians and better share their own creative works.

Play-Along Improvisation Mini-Workshop

In the mini-workshops on November 30 and December 2, students will begin to experience the method that has helped hundreds of adult students go beyond their perceived musical limits, and enjoy a rigorous practice session in good company.

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