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Upcoming Classes with Lorinda Jones

Lorinda’s Play By Ear Learn and Review

Each session will begin with an opportunity to continue learning by ear/rote with a “surprise” tune of the month. A tune review, in session style will follow as each person present calls out a song from any of the four courses of the Play By Ear series. Students do not have to lead...

Starts Friday, June 28, at 7 pm ET | 4 pm PT - Learn More and Sign Up

Ear Training for the Lever Harp

If you want to improve your “play by ear” skills on the harp, this class will provide basic tools and techniques for hearing intervals and playing in different keys. We will begin in the key of C, so no levers required, but my hope is that we can transfer our knowledge to some of...

Saturday, July 13, at 10 am ET | 7 am PT - Learn More and Sign Up

English Country Dance on the Lever Harp

Learn to play an English Country Dance tune on the lever harp and simultaneously improve learning to play by ear. Right and Left hands taught separately with the goal of putting the two together by the end of the course. Music will be provided at the end of the class and made available...

Starts Saturday, September 7, at 10 am ET | 7 am PT - Learn More and Sign Up

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Self-Directed Course with Lorinda Jones

Traditional Playing of the Mountain Dulcimer-DAA Tuning and Playing With the Noter by Lorinda Jones

Everything you need to know to begin playing the mountain dulcimer and continue your journey as an accomplished player.

Learn More and Sign Up

Self-Directed Course Promo Video

Self-Directed Course Reviews

Penny W. on August 21, 2023

The course is great! I’ve been sneaking ahead to watch the videos, just had my hand surgery on Friday and it went GREAT but it’s in a cast til at least next Wed. You are such a wonderful teacher and I love this on demand format. I’m excited to dabble in DAA noter style ASAP. FYI, I took your class at Lake Junaluska a few years ago and loved it, so glad I was in your mailing list!

Kathy F. on September 26, 2023

I really appreciated the lessons which were gently and systematically presented. I was able to use the principles in the lessons to play an old hymn tune by ear. That is a big new step for me. Thank you. Kathy F.

This is my fourth class with Lorinda Jones. She is excellent. She is Professional, very well prepared, and provided a mountain of material for the students. Feedback is individual, and she seems genuinely interested in her students. Three Cheers!!

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Private Lessons

Did you know that you can also book 1-on-1 lessons with Lorinda Jones?

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I always enjoy Lorinda Jones’ classes; she is well prepared, offers interesting musical pieces, “injects” additional music theory items into her program, and is very good humored as well!

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