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Set your creativity free with live online Native American Style Flute classes and lessons! Ami Sarasvati offers a variety of Native American Style Flute classes on Lessonface. The classes are taught live, via Zoom, and are also recorded for review after the live sessions. Join us for a group class or take a one-on-one lesson and expand your creative skills!
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All topics taught in group classes are also available in private lessons.

Introductory Course: Learn to Play the Native American Style Flute

This course is the perfect place to start your journey of learning to play the Native American flute (NAF). No musical experience is necessary! For many people, learning to play the NAF is their first experience playing an instrument. This course will guide you through the basics...

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Additional Scales on the Native American Flute

Did you know that there are over a dozen scales that a Native American flute can play? This course takes you beyond the pentatonic minor. You will choose two or more scales from a selection of scales provided and demonstrated. We will break down the new scales into lower hand notes,...

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Learn to Read and Write Interval Tablature for the Native American Flute

Learn about the intervals of the NAF and how to navigate and reference the notes. Knowing interval tab will serve you well on your Native American flute journey. Learning this system is worth the effort. Interval tab may be the most efficient way to capture musical ideas as well...

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Native American Flute Improvisation Formula

with Ami Sarasvati

Many people come to the Native American flute with the desire to play effortlessly from the heart. The Improvisation Formula course unpacks a method of improvisation that you can use as a map. After you have mastered the basics of the Native American flute, the journey can continue...

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Learn to Read and Write Nakai Tablature for the Native American Flute

Numerous songs are annotated in a system created by R. Carlos Nakai. Learn where to find the music, how the system works, and even how to write your own song using this system. Understanding Nakai tab will give you a new lens through with you can choose music that will make sense....

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So happy that I took Ami's beginners NAF class. The first lesson made it worth my while and the rest were gravy. I successfully close the finger holes and no longer squeak or whistle my way when playing. Signed up for intermediate lessons. Thanks, Ami for your kind and thorough approach.

Private Lessons

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Playing an instrument can start at any time of your life

I had a musical childhood. And yet most of my beginner NAF students have never played an instrument. That speaks volumes about the ease of learning to play the Native American flute at any time of life. Don't be discouraged if you have not been successful learning to play another instrument. The Native American flute is an easy instrument to begin playing at any age.

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This course with Ami gave us, not only a toolbox for organizing our music practice, but a complete and clear method to achieve our individual goals. This course left me feeling empowered and excited to move forward. Ami has amazing teaching skills. Every part of her plan builds on the previous one. I look forward to continuing with her structured plan. It's exciting to know you are in such capable hands. Cheers & gratitude to Ami !!!

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