Our Mission

Lessonface is a platform that connects students with great teachers for live online lessons and classes.

At Lessonface.com, students work with inspiring teachers to gain knowledge and build skills, growing their understanding of the world and agility expressing themselves in it. We measure our success based on students achieving their goals, while treating our teachers equitably, and becoming economically sustainable in our operations. 

I. Our Learning Universe

We connect students with great teachers to achieve their learning goals.

  • The pillars of Lessonface’s system are our excellent teacher community and an easy-to-use platform on which our users can rest their trust.   
  • Lessonface is designed to be easy-to-use, welcoming, educational, fun, and safe for students of all ages and levels.
  • Lessonface enables learning in a rich and growing set of subjects in music, language arts, and other fields.
  • Lessonface staff, teachers, and other community members are encouraged to take the role of student, too.

II. Our Teacher Approach

We support, enable, and enrich great teachers with fair compensation sharing, policies, and community.

  • Lessonface strives to work with the best teachers in terms of experience, skills, and character.
  • Teachers on Lessonface determine their own pricing, profile description, and schedule. 
  • Lessonface ensures payment and schedule certainty. The rescheduling/cancellation policy is 24 hours advance notice (more notice is always appreciated), so that teachers are paid for the time they teach, or planned to teach. We require lessons to be paid when booked, so that teachers are confident that their allocated teaching time will be compensated.
  • Lessonface has established a welcoming teacher community, with internal forums, seminars, and feedback mechanisms for input, issue reporting, and support.
  • Our commission is only 4-15% of private lesson fees, a much lower fee than our competitors. Group classes enable our master teachers to further amplify their reach and compensation.

III. Privacy

Lessonface has vigorously protected the privacy of our students, teachers, and other users since launch, and will continue to do so. 

  • We have not and will not sell our users' personal data, or use recordings of users other than for internal quality control and, in cases of marketing programs, with the express permission of the teacher, and student, and, for a child, their parent(s). Lessonface is COPPA compliant.

 IV. The Environment

Lessonface strives to be environmentally friendly.

  • Lessonface online lessons are about 600x more energy efficient than driving across town to a lesson. 
  • Lessonface staff strives to make environmentally conscious decisions in our consumption of resources.

We are committed to ensuring our operations and platform create lasting positive impact on our community, in the learning environment we have created and sustain, to our students, teachers, and other community members, as well learning’s environmental footprint. As a corporation we also strive to create value for our shareholders. We welcome feedback and suggestions for improvement at mission@lessonface.com.
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