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From members of major orchestras, graduates of top conservatories, to stars - you can find great, vetted, reviewed teachers covering over 300 subjects for your child on Lessonface: from piano, to violin, to voice, to the rest of the orchestra, and even language, dance, and arts lessons. Whether you’re just getting ready started, or you’ve got an experienced student on your hands, we are confident you can find the ideal, motivating mentor so your student can grow their creative skills.

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What Parents Are Saying:

Parents love Lessonface. We’ve added some parental feedback to this page so you can see what other parents have to say. With over 25,000 5-star reviews, you’ll find more reviews from parents all across Lessonface.

My 12 year old son had a personal goal of making all-district band this year, and that was our original reason for seeking out a private trombone tutor. Last week our family had the extreme pleasure of watching him not only play in the district band, but in the upper level section! We are so grateful to have connected with Brian McDonie on lessonface, and so grateful for his expertise and guidance.

- Lirelen, Parent of trombone student


Find a Kid-Friendly Teacher

It’s easy; when you’re searching for lessons, simply select the “Teaches Kids” checkbox to get a list of great teachers who work with kids, or click the button below to go straight to kid-friendly teachers!


Get Involved

As with any new interpersonal setting, we encourage you to check it out for yourself — it's easy to attend lessons with your child, either by being in the same room or joining from another device.


Manage Lessons

Multiple learners? No problem. With a parent account you can manage multiple lesson-takers from one central hub while keeping names and assignments straight.

Ross is an awesome teacher! We are so happy he is very very good and kind with kids so highly recommend! A++++ and thank you very much!

- Marc C., Parent of guitar student


Parental Features

With a parent account, all lesson bookings, reminders, and message notifications will be emailed to both the parent and their associated child account. You can rest easy knowing that you’ll have a copy of your child’s activity on Lessonface.

Learn more about our privacy policy and safety precautions here.

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My daughter loves working with Jenessa! She is professional, kind, and talented! This is the second time my daughter has taken voice lessons, and there is no comparison between the two instructors. We think she is wonderful:))).

- Jenny B., Parent of voice student


Performance Opportunities

We love recitals at Lessonface! Not only do recitals give opportunities to students to watch them grow, but participating in recitals is often highly motivating to students and helps with setting goals and seeing progress.

Celebrate Achievement

We love to celebrate the accomplishments of our students! Watch what 6-year-old Evangeline achieved in just five months of studying violin with her Lessonface teacher.


My son has been taking beatboxing lessons from Paul Arnett for about six months now. He has learned so much about so many different styles, and he really enjoys it! He always looks forward to his lessons. We truly appreciate Paul personally and professionally.

- Paige H. Parent of beatboxing student

Free Resources

Lessonface teachers have created some free learning resources to help you get started.


About Lessonface

Lessonface has been connecting students with great teachers for live online lessons and classes since 2012. We have hosted hundreds of thousands of music, language, and lately arts classes and lessons and collected over twenty-five thousand 5-star reviews.

My 8-yo daughter and I have both been taking lessons with Rachel for the last 10 months. She is equally talented at teaching children beginners in creative ways for guitar and piano, and teaching adults guitar and music theory. We both look forward to our time with Rachel each week, and are loving how much progress we've made in our musical journeys. We've become very fond of the Lessonface platform, and have tried out several other classes as well. I've happily recommended it to friends looking for music lessons or to explore their class offerings.