Vocal Workout for All Levels

About Vocal Workout for All Levels

Have you been thinking of training your voice but don't know how to start doing it? Do you feel like certain parts of your voice need to get stronger? Do you want to expand your vocal range, reaching higher and lower notes?

This class is designed to give you different vocal exercises that will help you achieve your vocal goals. We will work your chest voice, head voice and the ideal mixed voice: an even singing tone that fluidly transitions from the bottom of the lowest chest voice to the top of the highest head voice with no vocal breaks, hiccups, or strains.

It doesn't matter if you are a total beginner or a professional singer, the idea behind this vocal workout is to help you improve every area of your voice and keep those cords in shape through the design of a healthy and daily vocal workout routine.

This class is limited to 40 students.

Class Goals

  • Goal 1: Learn how to transition from chest voice to head voice smoothly
  • Goal 2: Understand how to support your voice through different breathing exercises using your diaphragm, good posture and the connection with your whole body.
  • Goal 3. Avoid tension by understanding the use of the technique and achieving smooth, painless transition to the different parts of your voice.
  • Goal 4: Expand your vocal range, reaching higher and lower notes.
  • Goal 5: Learn the basics of rhythm, scales and intervals.
  • Goal 6: Integrate vocal health into your daily routine.
  • Goal 7: Learn how to apply these techniques to a song.

Age Range


Skill Level

This class is for all levels; whether you are a total beginner or a working vocalist, these exercises are designed to help you improve and motivate you to have a healthy, daily practice.
No knowledge of music is needed.

Contact the Teacher

Send a direct message from the teacher's profile page with any questions you might have about the class.


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This class will be offered on April 19 as part of LESSONFEST, our weeklong festival of free classes and activities.

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Single session on Wednesday, April 19, at 12 pm ET | 9 am PT | 16:00 UTC.

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12:00 PM - 12:45 PM EDT
Vocal Workout for All Levels
Solange Prat

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Solange Prat

Solange Prat

Hi, I am a bilingual singing coach from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I'd love to take you on a vocal journey! I believe everyone can sing and improve their voice, it's only a matter of passion and perseverance on what you love doing.

A little bit about myself: I studied music in Buenos Aires and then lived 10 years in New York City, where I became one of the main female voices in the Latin scene as the front woman of the Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra. I am currently in Bogota, Colombia where I am teaching and working on my solo career and upcoming album. As a songwriter, I released my album Loop on 2021 and my music is influenced by soul, funk, R&B and jazz, as well as other la...

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