Practice Guide for Smooth String Crossings for Violin and Viola

About Practice Guide for Smooth String Crossings for Violin and Viola

Are you a Violinist and/or Violist tired of your bow hitting the neighbouring strings unwantedly (especially the middle ones)? Then this Guide is for you!

Learning to know the bow-level on every string and being able to quickly change the bow from one string to the other smoothly and silently takes some practice as this is a highly refined skill to master. We only have a truly tiny margin on either side of every string before we start hitting the neighbouring one. That is why, before working on actual string crossings passages, it is extremely useful to work solely on this most finest skill by doing the exercises included in this Practical Guide to feel and learn the limits between every string.

Enjoy the exercises and please let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you and I'll see you inside!

Warmly, Mariana


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