Singing for Guitarists

An Introduction to vocal techniques for guitarists (ukulele players, pianists, or anyone who wants to accompany themselves on an instrument). 

Want to play & sing but find everything falls apart when you try to add your voice to your playing? You are not alone! It is common when starting out in the rewarding world of self-accompaniment to be frustrated with your singing voice, and putting the two elements together. 

In this one-hour workshop, vocalist & guitarist Nerissa Campbell will demonstrate some simple techniques to get you on your way to singing with your guitar. Incorporating both vocal techniques and tips and tricks to assist with your journey towards singing and playing, this masterclass will guide you towards vocal expression. 


A vocalist for over 20 years, Nerissa Campbell has taught many aspiring singers who play guitar, and weren’t able to put the two together. She found that with a few simple techniques, guitarists were able to find their way to expressing themselves vocally in ways they thought not possible. She was inspired to take up guitar professionally after being encouraged by the progress her students made, and so understands the challenges of self-accompaniment. She is an understanding and patient teacher and believes that we can all express ourselves through our voices, and loves to share the joy in singing.

You may attend the course in-person, at the Lessonface Studio at 451 West St., NYC, or online. You can also add four 30-min private lessons with Nerissa, regularly $35 apiece, for even greater savings.
The live class will occur from 6:00-7:00 pm ET on December 13, 2017. If you opt to bundle in private lessons, they must be used within six months.

It is recommended in taking this class that you be fairly proficient on your instrument (meaning you don’t have to think too much about chord changes in a song). However it is open to all levels who desire to learn more about singing technique and singing with self accompaniment. 

This class will be taught from the Lessonface Studio in the West Village of Manhattan to an in-studio and live online audience. Students are able to attend by physically coming into the studio OR by joining over the Lessonface high performing video conference platform. All enrolled students will be able to watch the recording of the class, which will be available within 48 hours of the live class time. Any private lessons bought as part of the "bundle" option must be used within six months of the class. You can preview Nerissa's availability for private lessons here.  The class -- and any optional lessons booked -- are covered by the Lessonface Guarantee - let us know if you are not satisfied for any reason within two days of the class and we will refund your tuition in full.

If you have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to be in touch by chatting at us within our office hours, calling 1-800-211-7058, or emailing jess@lessonface.com.