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Common Sense Media Gives Lessonface Glowing Review

Common Sense Media, the non-profit dedicated to helping parents navigate and kids to thrive in the world of media and technology did us the honor of reviewing Lessonface, and we are so happy to report that they were happy with us.

"Setting up lessons is smooth and simple; the process of searching for a teacher is also intuitive. Kids will have fun as they learn a new instrument or improve skills,” writes Polly Conway, editor of, of Lessonface, in her review posted on Friday August 22nd. "The selection of instruments is outstanding, and high school students preparing for college can study with a Juilliard-trained teacher to prep them for an audition." 

"Communicating directly with their teachers, kids can learn at their own pace. Teachers provide live feedback as well as emailed summaries of lessons and practice assignments. Like all music lessons, practice in between sessions is crucial to progress," the review continues. As is stated in our "Start Here" page for parents, Common Sense notes that we are COPPA compliant, and that you can sit in on your child's lesson in the same room or from a separate location (say, you're stuck at the office but want to see how the progress is coming along).

To quote the section on overall quality, the review states "Considering all the challenges live lessons for kids present, privacy-wise, Lessonface seems to have their bases covered, with lots of options for parents to communicate with teachers and know exactly what's going on in each lesson if they like. If your family is already shuttling kids around to lots of activities, Lessonface would be a nice way to simplify their schedule as it allows kids to take a lesson right in their living room."

The skills a child acquires on Lessonface, according to Common Sense, include Thinking & Reasoning (memorization), Creativity (combining knowledge, making new creations), Emotional Development (perservering), Communication (listening), and Health & Fitness (fine motor skills). The subjects covered are Language & Reading (following directions, presenting to others) and Arts (music, rhythm, singing). 

Thank you Polly and Common Sense!

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