Lesson Recording

How Recording Works for Students

  • Discuss with your teacher if you would like to receive recordings of your lesson, and what parts in particular if any. All of the lesson, or just portions of the lessons can be recorded. 
  • Lessons are not recorded automatically, but at the instigation of the teacher.
  • You will know when the lesson is being recorded because a red dot with the word “Recording” will appear on screen.
  • You will be emailed when the recordings have been processed and are available to view. In our testing this takes between 5 min to two hours after the lesson is completed.
  • Once they are posted, the recordings will be available in your “Past Lessons” on Lessonface. There will be a link in the notification email that will take you directly to the lesson.
  • To navigate to past lessons within Lessonface, select "My Lessons" in the green menu, or from the Dashboard, "View all" next to Upcoming Lessons.
  • When the recording has been processed and is available to view a little film icon will appear on the lesson.
  • Students may delete recordings at any time.
  • There is currently no additional fee for recording.
  • If you do not want to allow your lessons to be recorded, check the box that says “Do not allow recording” under your site settings page, and make sure to save. To get to the settings page, go to the green menu, Profile >> Account >> Site. Parents will be able to opt out of their children’s recordings under the parent’s site settings. You can change this setting at any time prior to your lesson being started.

How Recording Works for Teachers

Talk to your students (and if your students are children, talk to their parents) about what, if anything, they would like to have recorded. You can make multiple recordings in the lessons, or, when in doubt, record the entire lesson. Multiple recordings are uploaded as separate files, so could be good if you want to make sure they can easily access certain moments.

More about how it works:
  • If you don’t want to offer recordings of your lessons, disable recording on your account. You’ll find the setting under Settings >> Site. Check the box that says "Do not allow recording..." and make sure to save the page. This will remove the “Lesson Recording Available” tag from your profile page.
  • You will see the recording button among the other controls within the Zoom session, so long as both you and your student have recording enabled on your accounts. You can see how the controls will look by going to your Video Test Room (find the test room in the menu below the circular image on the right hand side of the page), but note that recordings made in the test room will not be posted anywhere. If you'd like to test it out in a "real" session, contact us and we'll set up a time to meet with one of the Lessonface staff as the student. We're in the office weekdays generally between the hours of 10 am - 7 pm ET. 
  • There is currently no additional fee to you or to your student for lesson recording.
  • You and the student will receive an email when the recording(s) are processed and available for viewing. This seems to take between 5 min-2 hours after the lesson completes.
  • Recordings are attached to the lessons in which they were recorded. 
  • A little film icon appears on the lesson when the recording has been processed, and you'll find a new Recording tab on the expanded lesson where the recording can be viewed.
  • Teachers can only delete recordings within 48 hours of the lesson. 

There are many great ways to utilize the feature, perhaps you have strategies in mind already. Here are a few ideas: 

  • Record the whole lesson. If you’re not sure what to record, and your students want the recording, start the recording at the beginning and record the whole thing. Not a bad strategy for the first few anyway!
  • Focus on key moments, like you demonstrating a phrase, exercise, or technique, your critique and proposed fix for some aspect they should be working on.
  • Make a record of progress -- a student demonstrating what they can do in your first lesson, and then 'check in' videos where they can quickly look back and see what progress they've made.
  • If your student is late, or doesn’t make the lesson without giving notice, you could record yourself giving them a few exercises and demonstrations. Not suggesting to do this for the entire length of a no-show session, of course, but maybe for the first 10-15 minutes while you're waiting for them to arrive, or for about the same if you know they can't make it, but also know what they're working on at the moment. For trial lesson no-shows this could just be a moment of you introducing yourself and telling them they'll need to show up for future lessons if they want this to work!

Please let us know if you have any feedback, suggestions, or complaints here.

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