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Prepare for Your Berklee College of Music Audition 2017-2018 with Alumni Instructors

Berklee College of Music Building

As the new school year greets us, some may find themselves excited and ready to embark on new musicals paths! As it happens, most of the auditions for one of the world’s most prestigious music school, Berklee College of Music are to be scheduled November 2017 - March 2018.

It is absolutely important for a prospective student to prepare as best as possible in order to get positive results. Our popular Berklee alumna and faculty (Berklee Day Sessions) Yonit Spiegelman shared a few thoughts about her lessons of Berklee Audition prep:

I have students who had been creating, playing and living music for 10+ years and they’re amazing - but some of them just don’t know how to show all of that in 5 short minutes of performance! In our lessons we create a unique performance using all their talent and hard work in order to showcase their musicality best in the audition. And that’s on top of all the rest of the elements that need to be worked on in order to get there!

Yonit says the best results come from three to six months of previous preparation, and as a result has had success with many students accepted as well as some receiving varied scholarships. Nonetheless, even one lesson before your audition can make a difference.

Lessonface takes pride in its Berklee alumni faculty and we’re happy to help you with your preparation for an audition that could change your life around.  We have these teachers ranging from many instruments and styles! Here are a few you could take a lesson with, for example. 

Yonit Spiegelman - Bassist producer and performer,  and our very popular instructor, with 600+ lessons on Lessonface and an amazing success rate with auditions. Recommended for: Bassists, Singer-Songwriters, Producers and Composers, Instrumentalists who seek to learn jazz improvisation


Yoel Genin - Guitarist and bandleader of HAGO, an international educator with incredible followings and amazing technical abilities and advice. Recommended for: Rock and Metal guitarists, Rock and Metal songwriters, Progressive jazz/rock composers and Instrumentalists who seek to learn jazz improvisation

Parham Haghighi - Versatile vocalist and pianist with an utmost impressive performance experience, an international educator and a recipient of ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’ Recommended for: Classical and Jazz pianists, classical and jazz vocalists, classical and jazz composers

Joshua Shpak -  Virtuoso trumpet player who’s known for both his great pop-rock-funk session abilities as well as a promising jazz career. Has played with music legends such as Tower of Power and currently touring with funky new bands such as Ripe. Recommended for: Brass musicians, Jazz musicians, Brass, Woodwind, jazz improvisation


Jacinta Clusellas - Argentinian jazz and folklore guitarist and composer, has had tremendous success in both South America and Asia and a vast educational experience in NYC. Recommended for: Jazz guitarists and composers, arrangers, Singer Songwriters.


Pepe Hidalgo Ramos - The touring drummer has amazing technical abilities ranging from hardcore rock to old school jazz and a vast experience of online teaching is ready to help you out with your drum audition! Recommended for: Drummers of all genres

View all Lessonface instructors who are Berklee Alums here >>

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