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Why We Are NOT Updating Our Privacy Policy at Lessonface

We are not updating our privacy policy. Our privacy policy has always been strict:
  • We do not sell your information.
  • We do not share your image, or video, or audio, without your specific and express permission.
  • Private lesson recording is entirely at the option of the users (teacher, student, and, in the case of child students, parent). Lesson recordings can be deleted by the student/parent at any time (lesson recordings can be deleted by the teacher only for the first 48 hours after the recording is created).
  • Sometimes for advertising purposes we reach out to parents, students and teachers to ask if they want to participate in some promotions. Declining is always fine and understood, and we often compensate those who are willing to help us with our promotions.
  • Lessonface is fully COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act) compliant, and has been since we launched, meaning that children under 13 have needed to be registered and tied to their parent account for all messages and lessons. Due to changes in European law, we are raising the age to 16 for all children. (This is a change to our Parent Policy, not the Privacy Policy*)
With privacy concerns being at top of the news lately, we have received tons of emails in the past couple of weeks from companies about how they’re updating their terms because they ‘care about your privacy.’ 
We know people care about their privacy, and when you’re learning, especially, you may feel vulnerable! And even if not for that extra vulnerability factor, it’s your private information!  So it’s not ours to share or sell. That’s always been how we’ve felt about it.
So, if you want to learn something, come on over to Lessonface, and feel confident in really belting it out in lessons, playing and practicing your hardest, and improving your skills and confidence, without fear of embarrassment (at least from us!). 
We haven’t and won’t sell or share your private information without your express and specific permission, now or before or later.
*You can call this a dodge of the above statement about how we’re not updating our privacy policy, because we are updating our parent policies. Our Parent policy is only changing in terms of the age, from 13 to 16. So we still think we deserve a little chest-pounding -- and want to offer reassurance about our general approach, which remains protective of your privacy, and as it ever was.
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