Technology recommendations: writing with a stylus in lessons??

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Technology recommendations: writing with a stylus in lessons??

This is a question for teachers who already have a way of writing by hand during lessons, or any tech-savvy students who may have experience with this in other contexts... 

Does anyone have any suggestions for sharing hand-written notes (for example, written on a tablet and sharing the screen) during a lesson?   

Zoom's Share-screen Whiteboard option is pretty awesome for writing out tabs and making notes on scores.   But I would be a lot quicker and more agile if I could use a stylus on a horizontal surface rather than a mouse on a screen... are there any economical tablet options that would let me write by hand and share that screen simultaneously during a lesson?    

I use an ASUS with Windows 10 at the moment, but I'd rather that any new technology I purchase be compatible with nearly any set up.  

Thanks for any advice!  

Leah Kruszewski

Hi Matthew!  This is pasted material from an old post.  I wonder if you meant to respond with some recommendations?  I'd love to hear them! 

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