Which Device to use in Online Lessons...

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Liam Murphy
Which Device to use in Online Lessons...

Hello Lessonface students!

I made a little video this morning comparing the built-in microphones of several common devices one might use in an online music lesson. 

Check it out!


In a perfect world, we'd all have assistant producers by our sides, tweaking EQs and levels until our online audience hears something very close to our IRL playing!

Crashing back to the real world, though, most of us will use a built-in microphone (i.e. the mic that is internal to whatever device we're using during the conference/lesson).

There is nothing wrong with that, but not all built-in mics are created equal, and there's a chance you have 2-or-more devices to choose from in your home!

Why not weigh up your options?

If I learned online, rather than taught, I would test my devices and choose the one that sounded best for my teacher's sake ?

Alas, as a teacher, I have already have spent $5,000+ on mics/interfaces/cameras - so my students don't need to worry about the audio streaming from my side of the world to theirs!

There are hundreds of USB/XLR mic comparison videos on the web - today it's a built-in mic shootout!

I hope you enjoy ?


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