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Setting the Scene for Your Online Music Classroom

Background is important in setting the scene for online music lessons.

Make sure you set the scene prior to the lesson. This includes checking that your lighting is okay and the on-screen view shows everything you want to be seen and nothing that you don't want.

Lighting: Reasonably good lighting can be achieved with daylighting, or with an overhead and lamp combination. Using only an overhead light at night or being really close to a bright window may not give great results. The overhead light will likely make shadows, making you look gaunt and making fingering or other intricate skills difficult to view. Being close to a bright window causes glare, making you overly bright and washed out - which also makes it difficult for your student to see what you're doing. Do not rely on your computer as a sole source of light! It's not enough light and will also cast a blue glow on everything.

Setting the Scene: This is mostly common sense, but make sure that you don't have anything on camera that your student shouldn't see - dirty laundry, in a literal or figurative sense. And, more importantly, you want to make sure you set up your computer or tablet so that your entire instrument can be viewable. This is silly, but we've had to tell people a few times - remember that you can always move yourself further away from the webcam if it's a handheld instrument.

For larger instruments - piano, marimba, harp - getting all the action on screen is completely feasible, just use a sturdy table or chair and adjust the camera angle so that the entire area in action is viewable. And you can always continue to adjust the angles as needed during the lesson.

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