Ear Training Tips!

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Alani Sugar
Ear Training Tips!

Ear training may seem difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will feel like a musical superhero!  All it takes is some good old repetition and help along the way from teachers. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Intervals are everything.

Literally.  Intervals make up every other aspect of music, so if you get started on those first, you'll have a good jumping off point for everything else.

2. Use shortcuts at first.

There are some great shortcuts to get your ear training off and running, including using popular songs as references.  Use those at first, but then don't let them hold you back as you progress!

3. Apply everything to your instrument.

If you have a way to see and feel what you're hearing in your head, you'll be more likely to remember and internalize it.  Map out all the music theory and ear training concepts you know on your instrument, and you'll automatically have a better grasp of it.


I hope you can join me in my ear training practice session starting next Wednesday, September 8 at 5pm Eastern Time.  We will have a ton of fun and learn a lot!  Here's the sign up link: Lessonface.com/EarTrainingPractice

Liam Murphy

Great tips!

I think not feeling shame for mentally referencing popular melodies is important.

I made a little video on encouaging fearless participation in ear-training classes. 

I'll attach it here; I'm just a clarinet teacher so I'd be interested in what you think :)



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