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Lessonface Moves - the Why and Where

Lessonface's headquarters are now located at 451 West St, in the West Village of Manhattan. Mark your maps, and head over our way for master classes! 

Lessonface launched in 2013 and was based in Brooklyn for our first four years. However, as we grow, we want to be able to host more group and master class events in our own space, as well as have a more central location for the Lessonface staff offices. So, after a somewhat lengthy search this winter, we have landed in the renowned and iconic Westbeth Artists Community.

Our new location has a great track record. The buildings that are now Westbeth were Bell Labs headquarters from 1896-1966, where the vacuum tube, condenser microphone, an early version of TV, and the transistor were developed. In 1970 the then vacant former Bell Labs buildings were converted to be housing and commercial spaces for artistic purposes, the Westbeth Artists Community. There are many, many great artists who have worked and lived here -- Lou Reed's office and studio were a door down from the new Lessonface HQ!

Because our permanent space wasn't available right away, for May somehow we ended up in a "penthouse" space. So we had a party, with performances by many Lessonface teachers and friends. We also filmed some tutorials. It was gorgeous, with an enormous terrace that we couldn't believe we had to ourselves for the month, but it was a bit echo-y, and windy, and frankly kind of tricky to get to so we were less reluctant than originally anticipated to move when our first-floor space became available.

As of June 1, we have moved into our permanent location, at 451 West St. We have already had our first class here, and filmed a few tutorials that are coming out in the next few weeks. It sounds good in here! We are now booking up and enrolling a packed schedule of master classes for the summer and fall - many here in the Lessonface HQ, and others in the teachers' studios around the world. Meanwhile, the bulk of what we do, one-on-one online lessons, continue to go on, as we enable more and more students to connect with great teachers for live lessons online.

So that's why and where we've moved, in case you were wondering! We are so happy to be here at Westbeth, and welcome you to join us and take part in lessons and classes, online or off. 

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