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Your Instructor Profile Part 2: Pro Tips

Show off that you’re a world-class teacher! Here are some tips that will help ensure that you’re able to attract some amazing students:

Only list instruments that you are an expert in teaching

We’ve seen that depth, rather than breadth, seems to be the most appealing to potential students. There are couple of requirements for listing instruments:

  • You must own or have reliable access to EACH instrument you list
  • You should have taught privately on this instrument before
  • You consider yourself to be an expert in the instrument due to your teaching accomplishments and experience

Set some availability (but not too much)

Students can’t reach you if you don’t have any time available on your calendar so go ahead and add some (or email if you need some help updating your calendar). We’ve found that students tend to lose some confidence in a teacher that appears to always be available - and will be turned off when they schedule a lesson that you can’t attend when your calendar indicated otherwise. Choose a couple hours a week that you know you’ll be available; you can always add in more time as you start booking up.

Strike the balance between expertise and approachability

Potential students should be able to very quickly see of your expertise as well as what makes you an awesome teacher but shouldn’t be intimidated by your accolades. Remember your audience here; instead of thinking of this like a resume/CV that you might submit for an audition or to the dean of a music school, set it up to be a quick snapshot of why you’re a knockout teacher. For example, “I have 25 years of sitar performance, including on the Tony-nominated Broadway recording of Starlight Express. and 20+ years of teaching students ranging from Berklee to Forest Hills Middle School” is much easier to comprehend and digest than a detailed list of everywhere you’ve performed. This is especially true for parents looking for teachers for their kids; they want someone that will help nurture and foster creativity, expression, and talent! Show expertise, depth, and credibility without being offputting. 

The first two lines of your profile are the most important

When students are browsing through teachers on the site, the first impression they will get of you comes from the first two sentences of the "Bio" category. Make sure that this is where you put any fun facts or information that makes you stand out from other teachers!

Focus your profile on teaching (and remember that you’re an expert so highlight your areas of expertise)

What are the specific things that you can teach better than anyone on the planet? Is there a technique, style, or repertoire that you’re known for or that you could really help someone develop? What is it about you that students just can’t say “no” to? This is where you can really get personable and ensure that students know that they are signing up with someone that is going to create a unique learning path.

Consider offering a free 15-minute trial

This one is divisive, we’ll admit it. Students are looking for someone with whom they can have an enduring connection and this can be a really powerful way to attract a student. We’ve also found that when we speak one-on-one with potential students and make a recommendation for a teacher that would be a great fit that one of the first questions is often “is there a trial?” This can also be a great way to set goals, share the books/tools that a student will need, and ensure that your first lesson starts off with a bang! This is not to say that you need to include a free trial, but it is a good option and marketing tool should you decide to do so.

Be deliberate about your price

Some teachers on Lessonface demand high prices, and then get them. But some students are also looking to learn skills without breaking the bank. On average, teachers charge $1/minute for online lessons, but keep in mind this is an average. Be honest about where you fall on this spectrum. You can always change your price (though the price of any lessons that have already been booked will be honored at the previous price).

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