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Great music teachers resound in our thoughts for the rest of our lives, whether through their guidance in how to problem-solve issues, their inspiring characters, or in the direct skills that they impart in us – good posture or how to look cool holding a bass guitar, how to tune or how to use a capo, how to play Humoresque by Dvorak or Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, as the case may be. Choosing the right one for you or your child is very important.


Tips for Finding a Great Teacher

  • Try the teacher out – do a trial lesson first, before committing to a longer schedule. If it is for your child, make sure you attend at least this first lesson. With the Lessonface platform, you can actually do this without being in the same location - we can set you up with your own lesson invite, and you can dial into the lesson separately from your child, at no extra cost (with or without your own video stream).
  • Communicate with your prospective teacher about what you want out of the lesson honestly, and listen carefully to his or her response to gauge whether you’re in tune (ahem). If you haven't already, you'll need to register with Lessonface to do so (which is free), and then you can contact your teacher before setting up a lesson to ask questions about their approach or to let them know what you're wanting to learn.
  • Ask for recommendations from others in the musical community, as well as doing online searches, or going through musical associations like the  Music Teachers National Association, the National Association for Music Education and the American String Teachers Association. All of the teachers on Lessonface are highly recommended, of course.
  • Keep in mind that you may need different teachers for different points in your life, or for learning specific skills. And you'll find a pretty big variety of world-class teachers on Lessonface.
We'll be happy to help you find the right person.




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