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Beatboxing Tutorials from the Beatbox House

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Phil McNeal
Beatboxing Tutorials from the Beatbox House

Lessonface is proud to have several members of the world-renowned Beatbox House among our faculty. Last February, we rounded up three top-notch beatboxers--Kenny Urban, Neil Meadows (a.k.a. NaPoM), and Chris Celiz--for a video shoot at a Brooklyn recording studio. The end result was an excellent series of short video tutorials explaining some of beatboxing's key concepts and best practices. Between them, these three guys have more national and international beatboxing titles than you can count on both hands; so, needless to say, they have some pretty valuable insight into beatboxing's finer points. Check out the video series below:





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Looking to Learn More?
Kenny Urban and Neil Meadows (NaPoM) are both certified Lessonface teachers. Visit Kenny's page or Neil's page to set up a private lesson.

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