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Free Guitar Tutorials with Great Teachers

Lessonface provides live online lessons with great teachers in a multitude of instruments, styles, and genres. We produce video lessons for GuitarWorld magazine to introduce you to some of the awesome teachers that we have working with us at Lessonface. Links back to the pieces, which typically have diagrams as well as a written lesson, are below.

Three Steps to Shred with Steve Stine
Warm up Exercises with Duane Denison
Prepared Guitar with Duane Denison
Absolute Fretboard Mastery with Steve Stine:
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12
Essential Blues Basics, Soloing in the Major/Minor Pentatonic Scales - Steve Stine
Effective Melody Part 1Part 2 - Steve Stine
Bursting for Speed  - Steve Stine
Sliding Towards Fretboard Fluidity - Delicate Steve

Fundamental Practice Techniques for the Intermediate Player

Best Lesson of 2013 & 2014 -
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Our most popular video, one of the best guitar lesson videos of the year according to Guitar World, for both 2013 & 2014, with over a million views: Three Steps to Shred - Fundamental Practice Techniques for the Intermediate Player

Two Tutorials with the Phenomenal Duane Denison

 Warm up Exercises

DUANE DENISON, February 2014
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Prepared Guitar with Duane Denison 

Sonic Exploration and Prepared Guitar Article and Video at


Introduction to the Effective Use of Melody, Part 1

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Effective Melody, Part 2 

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Bursting for Speed 

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Sliding Towards Fretboard Fluidity

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Absolute Fretboard Mastery Series

The Complete 12 Part Series

Meandering, Part 1
Open and Barre Chords, Part 2
Adding the Blue Note, Part 3
Combining the Major and Minor Pentatonic, Part 4
Making the Pentatonic More Melodic, Part 5
Chord Progressions, Part 6
Spread Fingering, Part 7
Understanding the CAGED System, Part 8
Assembling Concepts, Part 9
Organizing Soloing Concepts, Part 10
Mastering Modes, Part 11
Applying the Modes, Part 12