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Phenomenal guitarists and educators Duane DenisonDelicate SteveJohn Heussenstamm, and Steve Stine have created guitar tutorials for Lessonface that have made it to Guitar World.
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Absolute Fretboard Mastery
The 12 Part Series

1. Meandering
2. Open and Barre Chords
3. Adding the Blue Note
4. Combining the Major and Minor Pentatonic
5. Making the Pentatonic More Melodic
6. Chord Progressions
7. Spread Fingering
8. Understanding the CAGED System
9. Assembling Concepts
10. Organizing Soloing Concepts
11. Mastering Modes
12. Applying the Modes

Here are some free resources for guitarists of all levels, from the Lessonface staff and our legendary online guitar teachers. We add new materials here about once a week, so give it a bookmark and come back whenever you want to pick up something new.

Resources for Beginners

Inexpensive entry level guitars
How to practice
How to string your guitar
How to tune your guitar by ear using a tuning fork
Learning to read guitar tabs
Basic Music Theory: Whole and Half Steps; Sharps and Flats
Altering basic scales on the guitar
Advice for adult beginners
Major Scales Tutorial with Prof. Ben Sher
Practice Like a Pro (even if you're not!)
What Guitar, Amplifier, & Accessories Should I Buy? 
Intervals: Theory & Application, Part 1 - Understanding Intervals
Intervals Theory & Application, Part 2: Listening to Intervals
Intervals - Theory & Application, Part 3: The Mystery Behind Compound Intervals

Resources for Intermediate Players

Understanding Relative Keys, Part 1
Understanding Relative Keys, Part 2
Build Your Own Guitar Warm-Up, Part 1: Slurs
Build Your Own Guitar Warm-Up, Part 2: Arpeggios 
Build Your Own Guitar Warm-Up, Part 3: Scales
Introduction to Fingerpicking (with Video Tutorial)
Chord Change Exercises
Chordal Voicings on Guitar
Introduction to Jazz
How to Learn a Song on the Guitar in Five Steps
How to Play Simple and Easy Blues Patterns
How to keep getting better
Introduction to Guitar Genres
The Importance of Knowing the Notes on the Fretboard
How to Create Simple Guitar Leads
Drop D Tuning
Fretboard Harmony
How to Use Scales - Easy Guitar Licks

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Interviews with Guitar Teachers

Five Questions with Dave Heumann of Arbouretum
Five Questions with Duane Denison
Ian Thomas McCulloch, Stonefeather Frontman, Ready to Rock

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Reference Diagrams You Might Find Handy

Figure one: the notes on the fretboard. Want this as a postcard?
notes on the guitar fretboard

Figure two, the minor pentatonic positions. Want this as a postcard?minor pentatonic positions

Figure 3, the major pentatonic positions. Want this as a postcard?
major pentatonic positions

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