How To Create Simple Guitar Leads

If you are starting to compose your own songs, enjoy jamming with friends, or just got hired to play in your first band - Being able to create guitar leads is definitely a must!
But how can we do that?
Although it s always a good idea (and FUN) to noodle around a scale until we find something cool, it is also important to be able to come up with something good on the spot!

In order to accomplish this lets use our theory to come up with simple ideas first:
Let's start with a very simple chord progression G C D
G major is formed by the notes G B D
C major is formed by the notes C E G
D major is formed by the notes D F# A
Now, Lets think of those same notes on a different place of the fretboard

     G   B        G  C         A   D

All of those notes are already part of the chord, therefore they will sound great! We can also find a huge amount of combinations and variations on the fretboard just by finding the same notes all over.
Now it is your turn: Explore the same principles with different chords, rhythms and techniques and feel free to send me your work.

Stay tuned for more articles, if you have a question, comment or request please feel free to contact me!

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