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Who Can Teach on Lessonface?

Teachers found on Lessonface have passed our application and approval process to meet our high standards. We at Lessonface, who are ourselves both music students and technologists, have taken care to choose highly skilled, charismatic, and experienced teachers who can offer a stellar learning experience to you or your child.

Live online music lessons are an experience that we find students value for both the convenience and the fantastic quality of teaching talent. Teachers on Lessonface are a top-tier group, and you may find famous faces among those less known. Teachers on Lessonface have toured extensively, are teachers or graduates of top music conservatories, shared stages with the likes of Paul Simon and Trey Anastasio, and have centuries of combined teaching experience.

We offer a money-back guarantee because we understand that finding the right teacher for you is of the utmost importance. We stand by our offer because we believe the teachers on Lessonface are great and the Lessonface platform offers an outstanding lesson experience. We pay very close attention to student feedback and reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

The teacher qualification, approval, and review process is as follows:

  1. First, teachers must have (i) 2+ years of music teaching experience and/or (ii) 5+ years as a professional musician with music being the primary source of income.    
  2. Their online profile must display clarity and a passion for teaching.
  3. We conduct a live, face-to-face meeting over the Lessonface platform.
  4. Those who pass the interview and technology check stage and who are U.S. residents are then put through a background check (covering at least the U.S. sex offender registry).  
  5. From there, the teacher's profile goes live on Lessonface, for students and parents to browse and contact to set up lessons.
  6. Students are asked for reviews after their first lesson with any teacher, and are additionally encouraged to reach out to us to share their experiences, whether great or not.

Lessonface's goal is to help students find their ideal teacher, no matter where in the world the student and teacher are. We are in large part a technical platform, with our video chat technology highly optimized for the music lessons experience. In our minds, the tech is working best when you don't really notice it. Then it's all about your teacher, who delivers a path and motivation to get better at something you love to do -- or in the case of your child, the priceless development of perserverance, tonal knowledge, hand-eye coordination, and, of course, the pleasure in making music.

If you have further thoughts or questions about this process, we encourage you to contact jess@lessonface.com. If you are into it, go book a lesson.

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