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Sign Up for the Lessonface Spring Recitals

Join in for the Lessonface spring recitals in June. We have a few different dates and times of day to accomodate students' various time zones and schedules. Those details and more are in the sign up form.

Please sign up here to participate!

Hopefully it goes without saying, but just in case you're wondering -- there is no fee for participating in the recitals and all current Lessonface students are invited to take part. 

We have hosted recitals in the past for specific teachers and studios that have been really wonderful, and are looking forward to getting more of the Lessonface community together to celebrate our students' success! 




Hi good people at lessonface,

                                                                 I would be into playing for the spring recital.  I'd love to do a drum solo that is so funky that it gets people off the couch and onto the dancefloor. I live in Melbourne Australia so the only thing to work out would to be the time difference.  Thanks for your time,



Claire Cunningham

Hi Magesh,

That's great! Yes, I see our two recital times would be at 7 am and 4 am Melbourne-time. We could schedule you at the end of the one that starts at 7 am Tuesday, June 11, so you'd be starting around 8 am, but that's still pretty early... too early?

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