5 tips on alternate picking for guitar


Huge thanks to phenomenal guitarist and popular Lessonface teacher Ray Suhy for coming to the studio to shoot three sets of tutorials, which we will be releasing over the next six weeks! This is the final set of the three. For personalized advice from Ray, book lessons with him. Read more and get started setting up lessons from his booking page.  -- Lessonface Staff



In this video, Lessonface teacher Ray Suhy gives you five very valuable tips on improving your alternate picking right now.


Get the notation for the exercises here.
The 5 tips and their time stamps:

0:19 tip #1: Pick angle
4:36 tip #2: Strumming feel
7:35 tip #3: Anchoring the right hand
9:42 tip #4: Pick Slanting
13:31 tip #5: Three essential picking exercises
Here's the backing track Ray used for the video.

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