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Expanding Your Ear With Polyrhythms (Part 3)

Polyrhythms exercise


Rhythmic notation and two MP3's. 


The goal of this exercise is pretty straightforward.

The lesson contains two different polyrhythms:

4 vs 3 

3 vs 2 

And two accompanying play alongs:

As you listen to each MP3, you will hear me counting what I call "both sides" of the polyrhythm. I will start with the top line of the notation, then transition into the bottom line. 

I would suggest taking a few listens to each MP3 before attempting the counts. I can't say for sure which one is easier to count. In my years of experience teaching and using polyrhythms,  I have not found an overall average of which count is easier for people. Ether way, you will do best when you get comfortable counting both sides.

Mastering these exercises provides you with valuable rhythmic tools, and assists in what I call "Mental Toughness." No matter what instrument you play, they are valuable tools to have. 

Larry Salzman is a global percussion teacher with over 20 years of experience. Larry plays over 20 different percussion instruments. In addition, he has over 350 TV and film credits as well as 35 CD credits. Book a lesson with Larry today!

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