Upcoming Live Performances Online - call for info

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Leah Kruszewski
Upcoming Live Performances Online - call for info

As people all over the world are striving to keep social distance and avoid large crowds, many live performances are being moved from their original venues to online streaming.  Attending these virtual performances is a terrific way to stay musically inspired, support the performing arts community, and make the most of extra time at home.

One excellent offer out there is a free 30-day subscription to the Berlin Philharmonic, which is available here for anyone.  New Yorker music critic Alex Ross also lists some upcoming live-streaming music events this week here.

Do you, your band or ensemble, or musicians in your community have live-streaming performances coming up?  Please tell me about any upcoming virtual performances you know about by Friday 10am CET, and I’ll feature them in an article that will come out at the end of this week at Lessonface.  Any genre is welcome, as long as it’s a family-friendly sort of performance.  Just reply to this post and be sure to include the following information:
- the date and time (and time zone!)
- a little bit about the performer, group, and music style
- the link to attend the performance
- any other relevant information, such as a link to the performer or band's webpage, etc.

If you have a performance planned for earlier this week (before Friday’s article), feel free to post it here so we know about it.  The article will list events planned for Friday and beyond.

Hi! I will be performing a live stream Classical Flute concert this Thursday at 2pm! My website is www.lounadekker.com, and interested viewers can find my flyer for the concert on the site.

The performance will be short and sweet (twenty minutes).  I will be playing some of the most beautiful flute music I know (Ravel's Daphnis and Chloe flute solo and J.S. Bach's Flute Partita). It is a free event and available to anyone with access to YouTube. Kid friendly!

I plan to make weekly concerts, so I will send you info on upcoming concerts as well so you can include it on your listing!

Thank you, and here's to good health,


Leah Kruszewski
Ludovica Burtone


The Couch Concert!
Sunday, March 22nd at 3 pm (NYC time) the couch concert will see Ludovica Burtone on violin perform in duo with award-winning guitarist Leandro Pellegrino ( https://www.instagram.com/leandro.pellegrino.guitar/ ). Violin & Guitar will take you to an imaginary tour through our favorite tunes from the Brazilian, Latin and Jazz repertoire. An acoustic set of beautiful melodies and improvisation.

We will be live on facebook and Instagram: 



Looking forward! Ludovica

Leah Kruszewski

Hi Ludovica and Louna,  Thanks for your replies!  I included them in what I think will be an article soon.  And if not, I'll just post my findings here.  There are ton of resources for virtual performances, there is so much going on.  I'd love to hear from more Lessonfacers, both teachers and students, about their own upcoming livestreams.  

Leah Kruszewski

Here's the article!  

Thanks again to you both for contributing.  Please keep us updated on upcoming streaming events, your own or otherwise!


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