Music Trivia Night -- March 24th

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Leah Kruszewski
Music Trivia Night -- March 24th

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Hello students and teachers! 

Opera singer and voice teacher Aubrey Lauren will be hosting Lessonface's first Music Trivia Night tomorrow evening - Wednesday March 24 8pm ET/5pm PT .  All Lessonface students and teachers are invited to attend for free!

If you need a musical way to take a break from practicing, this is a great way to make friends, destress in a welcoming environment, and expand your music knowledge.  Trivia topics will include specific decades in music history, both famous and lesser known artists, different genres, music theory, and more.   

Sign up here by clicking the enroll button, and we'll email you the link to join:  

Master Pass, Guitar Pass, and Piano Pass holders can also find and enroll from their class schedules.  

See you there!


Aubrey Lauren

Thank you Leah! I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night ? This will be general music trivia, a variety of genres, and skill levels! Don't worry if you're not a trivia whizz, because hopefully, we all will learn something new together!

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