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How the forum works

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How the forum works

Hi, welcome to the Lessonface forum! 

If you are a musician or aspiring musician and have general questions or thoughts about learning to play music that aren't necessarily directed at a particular teacher, or are yourself a teacher and would like to share some advice - or yourself have questions - please jump in and post them here. This forum is intended for all ages.

For the time being, all comments and new topics have to be approved before they are published, as the forum is already being hit with spam and this helps us to prevent it from becoming public. 

I'm Claire, one of the founders of Lessonface. Lessonface has operated for a few years now, but in mostly closed, private sessions, and we were wanting to see if there might be some interest in more open conversations, too -- originally, we were thinking, to help with customer service and FAQ type questions, but then also potentially to share tips, jokes, and who knows what else. So here it is! If you have questions or feedback, please reach out to me directly ( or comment below.

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