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How the forum works

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How the forum works

Hi, welcome to the Lessonface forum! 

This forum is intended for all ages!

For the time being, the first comment you make in the forum will have to be approved by one of the site admins. Without this somewhat annoying step, the forum gets hit by spam a lot. Once your first comment is approved you will be able to post immediately. We're checking the forum daily on weekdays, but if you find it takes longer to get your comment approved please reach out and contact us.

When you see the "instructor" tag below the person's photo on a forum post, that means the person is a Lessonface featured teacher. You can click on the teacher name's to go to their profile page here on Lessonface. There you can learn more about their background, check out their teaching approach, see students' reviews, and book lessons. 

If you have questions, comments, or other feedback about how the forum works, we'd love to hear from you. Comment below, or contact us. We've had the forum in the background of the site for a few years now, and are hoping to make it more useful for the community. 

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