Scottish and Irish Tunes - The rise of Violin in Indian Music

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Harini V
Scottish and Irish Tunes - The rise of Violin in Indian Music

The violin is synonymous with carnatic music concerts today!

The adaptation of violin in Indian music systems started probably in the 18th - 19th century.  Inspired by Scottish and Irish fiddles played by the East India Company, Muthuswamy Dikshitar, a prolific composer of that era composed 39 compositions to help Baluswami Dikshitar to master the plain notes on the violin.

Among these, 33 compositions are available today and are known as Nottuswaras.  Popular compositions include Shakti Sahita Ganapathim inspired from Voulez-vous danser and Shyamale Meenakshi inspired from Twelve variations on Ah vous dirai-je, Maman by Mozart.

These are simple melodies sans gamakas, sung in the major scale or Shankarabharana Raga. 

This definitely proves that musical traditions have always been in transition!!

A recording of Shakti Sahita Ganapatim


Fiona Richards

Hi Harini,

As I have always loved Irish and Scottish fiddle music it is fascinating to hear about the evolution of Nottuswaras! I love the recording - thanks for sharing. Good luck on Lessonface - I see you are new :)


Harini V

Hello Fiona,

Thank you for your wishes. I'm glad that you liked the recording. Music is truly globalized!


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